Stop Avoiding Restoration Work Because You are Too Busy!

CEREC One-Visit Crowns Make Dental Care Easier than Ever Before

Getting a dental crown placed can seem like a chore: At the first visit, gooey impressions are taken, your tooth prepped, and a temporary crown is placed. Then you wait. And wait. And wait a little more. Sometimes the temp falls out and you have to have it replaced.  Finally, your permanent crown is sent from the lab and you go back for another round of shots and placement. Whew!

Not at Love Dentistry!

We have invested in the very latest CEREC technology to make One-Visit Crowns faster, and more accurate than ever.

For years, CEREC has been the gold-standard technology for the custom creation of crowns and other porcelain restorations, right here in our office. And now, with the acquisition of the OmniCam, those convenient restorations are even easier and more beautiful. Only five dentists in all of Wichita have this.

What Exactly IS CEREC?

CETREC’s 3D, CAD/ CAM technology allows us to custom design, color match, craft, and place a beautiful, all ceramic crown in one short visit. No gagging on on impression material, no annoying temporaries, no return visits,  and no extra shots. In fact, it usually only takes about an hour take your digital impressions, create your tooth, and precision place it!

It’s a great way to repair broken or damaged teeth, and a time saving opportunity to replace the dangerous and ugly metal fillings in your mouth. The CEREC ceramic material is more attractive, safer, and blocks bacteria much more effectively than old-fashioned fillings.

What Does the CEREC OmniCam Do?

We have always been able to take digital impressions and create a beautiful restoration with CEREC’s CAD/CAM technology. But now, with the OmniCam, we have added seamless and continuous capturing of 3D, color-scan. This new color-steaming method is then used to produce a virtual 3D model  from which we create your CEREC restoration. The instrument is as small as a typical dental device so it fits nicely in your mouth allowing easy and comfortable scanning at any angle and of all surfaces. This technology is so accurate and easy on the patient that we will be using it for Invisalign cases as well.

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