The ABCs (and Ds) of Vitamins & Your Dental Health

added on: March 9, 2016

At my Wichita dental office, we not only care about your oral health, we care about your whole body. To reach optimal wellness for both, it’s crucial that you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals. While all are important, we wanted to highlight a few that are necessary to keep your mouth healthy.

A is For… Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps support a strong immune system. And that’s important to both overall health and oral health. An adequate amount of vitamin A keeps gum tissue healthy, can quicken the healing process for any sores, and aids in the production of saliva.

Find it in: Carrots, mangos, kale.

B is For… B Vitamins

Good for controlling inflammation, B vitamins may help painful canker sores from popping up and causing a nuisance. Too little of these vitamins can also lead to bad breath.

Find it in: Chicken, fish, spinach.

C is For… Vitamin C

Not enough vitamin C leaves you more exposed to illness as well as loose teeth and even bleeding gums. In fact, people who are vitamin C deficient are at increased risk for developing gum disease.

Find it in: Citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, red peppers.

D is For… You Guessed It, Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. Without it, all the benefits of calcium aren’t received. As we know, calcium is crucial for strong, healthy bones, like your jaw. Without it and its sidekick vitamin D, teeth may become loose or weak.

Find it in: Milk, egg yolks, fish.

Most of the time, all the vitamins and minerals you need are obtained through the foods you eat. But sometimes not. Whether a natural deficiency, a diet that’s lacking in certain nutrients, or medical condition, there are absolutely times when a supplement is needed. We encourage you to talk to your physician before starting a vitamin or mineral supplement.

By eating right and ensuring you’re getting enough of the crucial vitamins, you’re on the right track towards a happy, healthy smile. But that doesn’t mean regular dental appointments can be ignored. You should visit the dentist at least twice a year. Is it time for your next checkup? Give my Wichita dental office a call and schedule your appointment today!

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