Top 4 Alternative Uses for Toothpaste

added on: June 13, 2016

First and foremost, toothpaste should be used to brush your teeth. That’s obvious. But at my Wichita dental office, we’ve been hearing of other possible ways toothpaste can be helpful around the house, besides just as a daily teeth cleanser. We thought we’d share some of the top uses for toothpaste with our patients because, after all, we’re here to help with whatever we can (except actually cleaning your house).

  • Tired of that foggy mirror? After a steamy shower, the bathroom mirror clouds up, basically becoming unuseable until the fog evaporates. To avoid a fogged up mirror, wipe it down with toothpaste before hopping in the shower.
  • Want a sparkling faucet? Sink faucets tend to get pretty grody, especially in the bathroom. Usually covered with splatters of toothpaste and backsplash of soapy water, bathroom faucets can take on almost a spotted look. Use toothpaste (yes, we just told you add more toothpaste to the already toothpaste-speckled faucet), and then sponge it up. Viola! Sparkling faucet.   
  • Miss how white your sneakers once were? There’s something to be said about new sneakers. They’re crisp, white, and super clean. Until you wear them. The more shoes get worn, the more discolored they get. But with the help of a little toothpaste, you can take them to white again. Just gently scrub them with toothpaste.
  • Did your kid Picasso the coffee table with permanent marker? It happens. Kids get ahold of a permanent maker and start doodling away on the closest surface, which just so happens to be your coffee table. Don’t panic. Internet users widely support the use of applying a dollop of toothpaste to the table, gently rubbing it in, and wiping it off for a clean, marker-free coffee table.

Of course, being a dentist and having a team full of people who are passionate about teeth, we can’t stress enough how our favorite use for toothpaste is actually using it to keep your smile healthy. Make sure you’re using it to brush twice a day, at a minimum. Besides a good at-home oral hygiene routine, maintaining regular dental cleanings and exams with your dentist in Wichita is the best way to reduce the need for cavity fillings or other types of dental procedures like root canals, onlays, or crowns.

We recommend visiting us at least once every six months. If it’s been longer than that since you’ve had a dental checkup, call my dental office in Wichita to schedule an appointment today.

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