We should all share the gifts that we have been given for the benefit of others. I would love to use my gifts and experience to bring out your best self. Life is short, and…

Love Dentistry in Wichita

– Dr. Sheri Boynton-Love

You’ve Waited Long Enough!

Love Dentistry in Wichita

You Are Busy

Between work, charity meetings, and your kid’s activities, there doesn’t seem to be any time for you.


We believe that well-being and comfort, pampering and trust, and most of all, dentistry and indulgence can fit perfectly together!

That means that when you come to see us, sink into one of our incredible memory foam chairs, and cover your weary eyes with one of our soothing eye masks, your dental visit will feel more like a trip to the spa or a visit with a friend than a clinical necessity.

Pampering You Toward Health

But as much as we spoil you, we never neglect to make sure your smile is functioning in top form. Dr. Love  believes firmly that health and beauty cannot be separated.

We want to take care of you from the inside out to ensure the perfectly, functioning smile you want and the healthy, active body you need. That’s why our complete, lifestyle dentistry is designed to help you both look and feel your best and takes into consideration everything that might affect your teeth and your health from reflux and diabetes to TMD and sleep apnea. We always listen carefully, show you all your options, treat you individually, and give you customer service that is simply out of this world.

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