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added on: October 2, 2014

Love Dentistry Offers a Non-Invasive Approach to Sleep Apnea

How could a dentist ever be able to help a patient overcome the effects of sleep apnea? At Love Dentistry, our patients have seen firsthand how Dr. Sheri Boynton-Love’s treatment methods are reversing sleep apnea and improving people’s lives. Her training in sleep apnea dentistry has allowed her to become one of Wichita’s leading dentists for the past several years.

Addressing sleep apnea from a dental approach means looking at the natural anatomy of the mouth and upper airway. The approach used by Dr. Sheri is one that is implemented in basic rescue breathing, and has been proven to reverse sleep apnea as soon as the first day. How does it work? A custom-made acrylic mouthpiece is worn over the teeth. This piece guides the lower jaw forward, and separates the collapsed tissues within the back of the mouth. As a result, airflow is maintained the entire time the patient wears the mouthpiece.

Dental sleep apnea treatments like those offered at Love Dentistry are so effective, that many patients are able to completely eliminate the use of a CPAP machine. If you wear a CPAP machine, you know just how bulky and cumbersome it can be to try to sleep at night. Now, imagine only having to wear something that feels like a mouthpiece and being free of the noisy, large CPAP equipment. What would you choose?

We recommend oral sleep appliances on patients that have been seen by a sleep doctor and told that it is appropriate for their individual type of sleep apnea. In many cases, an oral appliance is simpler and more straightforward than other types of treatments.

All that’s needed to get started is an impression of your teeth. In no time, you (or your loved one) could be wearing a comfortable oral appliance that allows you to once again get a good night’s rest.

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