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General & Preventive Dentistry

When Going to the Dentist Feels Like a Trip to the Spa

We want all patients, from children to grandparents, to feel pampered when they come through our front door. It’s the small details, like the soft chair you’re resting in, the pleasant aroma in the room, and a gentle-care approach that make Love Dentistry different.

Better yet, if you want a healthy smile that lasts choose our foundation of comprehensive dental care. This care is built on early diagnosis and preventive measures that preserve your natural smile and help it look even better.

Your entire family has access to:

A full analysis of your oral health, TMJ function, bite relationship, and lifestyle all affect the way we approach individual dental care. We truly believe that dental health is only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Dr. Sheri Boynton-Love works with patients to identify and address risk factors that affect their quality of life as well as their self-confidence.

Early identification of abnormal or precancerous tissues allows a person to have a better treatment outcome. Dr. Sheri performs an oral cancer screening, regardless of whether or not they have associated risk factors. Our small intra-oral cameras make it easy for us to share her findings, and monitor the progress of lesions that may be identified.

We’ve made the commitment to be a fully digital dental practice. Why? Digital dental x-rays use lower amounts of radiation, and are easier for us to share with our patients! Your films will be visible on an in-room monitor to discuss every finding with Dr. Sheri or one of our team members.

Did you know that it was possible to identify cavities before they are visible clinically or on an x-ray? Diagnodent laser detection uses light and sound wave technology to inspect the density of enamel and pinpoint early forms of tooth decay. This keeps treatment less invasive and more affordable for our patients.

Our soft tissue diode laser helps eliminate pain and discomfort caused by everyday ulcers and cold sores. In just a few seconds, you can be on your way and pain-free! And our laser technology can be used in more ways than one: The diode laser is also used in combination with some of our other treatments to eliminate oral disease and adjust gingival tissue as needed.

Our pen-sized intra-oral cameras make it easy to show patients our findings, as well as record electronic images for future reference. The still shot or live video is projected onto an in-room monitor for us to review with patients. We truly believe that this gives people the chance to co-plan their own treatment alongside Dr. Sheri.

Preventive oral care is essential. Oral infections like gum disease can place a serious risk on your overall health, as well as lead to tooth loss. Routine preventive cleanings keep your mouth free of harmful bacteria, and empower you to have teeth that last a lifetime. Your mouth will feel fresher and brighter after a visit with our hygienist!

We take battling gum disease very seriously. This infection can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and premature labor. In fact, the latest research directly links gum disease to memory loss, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s! By implementing a gentle, yet effective perio program, our patients can stop or reverse gum disease completely, helping you feel better, live longer, and think more clearly!

We provide a professional strength fluoride application on all patients during their preventive care appointment. While not all dentists do this, we want to do all we can to protect our patient’s teeth and fluoride varnish is effective in preventing tooth demineralization, sensitivity, and combating early signs of tooth decay.

If you’ve ever found yourself in the position of experiencing a dental emergency, you know just how nerve-wracking it can be. That’s why Dr. Sheri offers flexible scheduling and after hours appointments for our patients who have found themselves in such a condition. Our goal is to first relieve any pain you may have, and address your condition once you are comfortable.

"Thank you for all of your kindness and skilled work.  Everyone there is so friendly and helpful, and I appreciate you all! Bless you!"

- M.E.